Jan. 3rd, 2012

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I remember when [personal profile] nezuko used to write his morning pages, I always enjoyed his stream of consciousness writing and admired his discipline of sticking to writing and throwing it at the virtual wall to see what stuck. So, be warned... stream of consciousness rambling ahead.

Damn, it was cold today. About -17 C both times I actually checked the temperature. Cold enough to be cold in snowpants when I walked to the optometrists. (Apparently my astigmatism has healed itself, wtf, and I only need my reading glasses now.) Cold enough the the car was a bitch to dig out and scrape off and the doors were frozen shut.

I led a women's group at the church today that included reflecting on five risks we haven't had the guts to tackle, and what the worst case scenario is for each. Mine included asking for an increase in child support (cue laughter from anyone who has heard any stories ever about my ex); and trying to fix the leaky holes in my kitchen ceiling. And start planning my sabbatical. Also on the list was finishing my masters, which, probably no, because the worst case scenario there is mental health deterioration.

I've watched Scandal in Belgravia once, and my initial impression is I loved it. I've been reading a lot of insightful critique of Irene Adler's characterization and the plot, so I'm looking forward to watching it again. 



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