Jan. 3rd, 2013

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Well. We're not actually packing at the moment. Teenager Boy is buried in a Sandman comic, and I was finishing off a Teen Wolf AU. (They solve crimes! And are werewolves!)

We've had a great vacation. I'm not sure I can express how novel this whole week has been - I have literally never gone on vacation like this before. My parents gave me one of their time-share weeks; and we've been puttering around the (off season) resort town doing not much of anything. It's been a glorious and much needed break.

FIVE THINGS I'VE LOVED (in no particular order)
  • spending time with family  - contrary to the original Time To Myself plan; both kids came with me, my daughter's boyfriend flew in for New Year's, and my parents came down and stayed in their trailer. We cooked and ate supper and went to the aquarium and it was terrific. Especially the time with my girl - she travels so much now, I rarely see her.
  • heated outdoor pools - I went swimming almost every day, and the pool was right beside the ocean, with a bubbling jet spa too. The weather's been really cool while we've been here, and the warm pools just feel like the height of luxury. And it felt great to swim lengths again - something I'll look into doing when we get home.
  • unstructured time - the last few months have been crazy hectic with buying/selling houses, moving, getting ready to switch jobs - I'm so grateful for this restorative time
  • the beach - our condo faces down the shoreline, and I walked way down to the next pier one afternoon. The tides go in and out, and I've seen dolphins and sandpipers and have a few tiny shells to take home with me.
  • the aquarium - sharks, rays, catfish, an octopus - we had an amazing afternoon looking at everything
Tomorrow morning we pack up and head home - 2 full days of driving, with an overnight in a motel somewhere along the way. Back to the snow; to my last 3 weeks with my churches, to pick up the dog and start on the new routines in the new places in the new year. The intention I'm bringing home with me is to be more intentional - to be mindful of what needs doing right now; setting intentions for the day or the moment, and letting go, as possible, of lingering anxiety. 

And in that spirit - having done what needed doing 20 minutes ago (starting this post); I'll move onto what needs doing in this moment (starting to pack). Blessings to you, and send safe travel thoughts and prayers our way. 


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