Oct. 13th, 2013

beachlass: dictionary entry for thankful (thankful)
 In no particular order, I am thankful for: 
  • My new partner M. - from whom I am learning to be liked just for myself
  • the beauty of autumn in southern Ontario - soybeans and corn coming off the fields, the brilliant colours of the maples
  • my children - wise, kind and charming
  • the mostly amicable relationship between myself and my ex husband
  • the prospect of teaching Sunday School this morning
  • my worshiping community, our preacher and the gift of grace each Sunday morning
  • my family - in all their weird and wonderful ways
  • my friends near and far; and most especially you - from whom I have also learned to be liked for just myself
  • my job - challenging and maddening - which I'm happy to go to every day
  • my spring/summer round of psychotherapy
  • being off anti-depressants (and well) for the first autumn in years and years
  • this cup of coffee, warm to my hands and heart, sweetened with local honey
May you find gratitude today.
May you see and feel and hear the blessings which surround you. 
May you feel the wonder and mystery of the Sacred.
May you know that you are beloved.
May you understand that you are a blessing to others.
May you find gratitude today. 


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