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beachlass ([personal profile] beachlass) wrote2012-07-31 01:12 pm

5 + 1 vacation notes

  1. I have reached that blissed out vacation state when I actually have no idea what day it is. Blissful, except for the moments of panic, when I have to figure out when to pick up my kid from summer camp, or whether my theatre/supper plans are tonight or tomorrow. 
  2. Sunday I spent the WHOLE DAY in my pyjamas. Including going to the grocery store and walking the dog.
  3. Trip into the city yesterday included meeting a twitter acquaintance for lunch - quite lovely.
  4.  The longer I stay undecided on whether to repaint the downstairs, the less likely repainting becomes. I think I'm okay with that. 
  5. I've been enjoying dog walks, and yoga practice and bike rides - I hope I can carry some of that activity into my schedule when I'm back at work. 
1. A thing I love about being on vacation is the feeling of being able to devote swathes of time to something utterly non-productive. Like reading Teen Wolf fic. Or downloading the audio of Tom Hardy's "Find Your Greatness" voiceovers, and setting it as my morning alarm on my phone.