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It might be that you find yourself in the desert
earlier than you thought;
Don't panic.
Don't be blinded by the sandstorms.
Start digging until you find some water.

It might be that you ought to wait by the well
longer than you wanted
and that you ought to find it.
Don't lose courage, don't be deceived
by a mirage,
Continue to search for the well;
continue to dig deeper.

The desert also has a well.
The desert also has water.
The desert also has life.
And when you have found the first drop of water,
you will find soon a small creek
then a river,
and the desert will be forgotten.
But do not forget to give thanks
to the one who showed you the track
who helped you find water,
who gave you living water
so that you could drink
so that you could live
and not thirst anymore.

It could be that the path leading to the well
must go through the desert.
It could be that the desert often makes you sad.
Don't forget, it hides the well.
It leads to the promised land.
Only the desert enables you to reach happiness.
The paths of the desert are also the companions of God.

Water here, Water there - Ecumenical Community Working on Church and the Environment 
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  • Call a friend. No. Really. Pick up the phone and call, because even her voicemail will make you feel better. And she'll call back and cheer you up.
  • Find something frivolous to read. And if the first one doesn't work, try again. Put down the large book on depression, and download one of the London Review of Books collections of personal ads.
  • Walk the dog.
  • Practice yoga.
  • Eat something.
  • Lie down and breathe.
  • Watch some tv. Something without serial killers would be a good idea.
  •  Do the dishes.
  • Sit on the back steps. Breathe.
  • Keep taking your antidepressants.
  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour.
  • Trust that this too will pass.


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