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Apr. 8th, 2010 01:35 pm
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A little drabble for [personal profile] kate , and me and all the rest of us too prone to skipping lunch or eating at our desks. Happy Thursday afternoon!

It's a grumbling sort of preening coming from the CSO's corner of the lab. Stabbing at laptop keys and muttering about "two doctorates is overqualified for lunch room monitoring" and "eating at my desk" and "goddamned electrical resistance simulations". But by the time Teyla is at the door, Torren's still damp hand in hers ("Alreadys washed, Uncle Rodney!"), Dr. McKay is ready to go, with a final glare around the room.

Teyla kisses Torren goodbye on his forehead ("See you back home for naptime" and "Awwww, Mama"), and shoulder bumps Rodney before going down the hall, child free. And Rodney hitches Torren onto his hip as they head to the messhall, both chattering at once: "Uncle Ronon caughted a fish as big as ME" and "better grip on our tires, we'll beat Uncle Floppy Hair next time" and "lunch, lunch, lunch, lunch, lunch" echoing down the corridor behind them. 
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SGA ficlet
Rated: Mature
Disclaimer: Not Mine
Originally written for
[personal profile] telesilla , and posted as  comment fic 
Prompt: spanking and crossdressing

Now he's glad... )
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Fandom: SGA - which wholly belongs to not-me

Title: I've Enough to Endure Without Being Tutted At

Rating: PG

Note: Inspired by[ profile] gaffsie 's comment on face of joe about John as Bertie Wooster.

'The modern young man,' said Aunt Dahlia, 'is a congenital idiot and wants a nurse to lead him by the hand and some strong attendant to kick him regularly at intervals of a quarter of an hour.' )

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SGA fic
Rating G, crack
Disclaimer 1: Neither the Stargate characters, nor the genius of Maurice Sendak belong to me.
Disclaimer 2: I'm not sure this makes a whole lot of sense, but I'm putting it out there, because it's driving me crazy living in my head.

... mischief of one kind and another )


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