Jan. 9th, 2012

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Jason Isaacs gets around. From Azkaban to Neverland to my Netflix queue (The State Within).... doesn't it make you wonder about bedtimes at the manor, when Lucius read Draco Peter Pan? How he did the voices, and had the scariest tic toc tic for the crocodile? Did Draco fancy himself Peter Pan? Did he realize he was Wendy through and through, longing to fly away from nannies and social expecations to find the Boy Who Improbably Lived Despite Peril at a Young Age? Did Lucius want Hook to win, did he identify too strongly with Smee's misplaced loyalty? Did he know how much he would give to have the relief of the Darlings' be his own at the safe return of his child?

The house elves made Draco Peter Pan birthday cakes, with animated scenes playing out in icing. Pansy and Draco had sleepovers, and dressed up in Narcissa's nightgowns and leggings. Goyle and Crabbe only ever got to be Lost Boys, and were ordered around mercilessly.

Harry never heard Peter Pan. Not until he had children of his own, and they went to the panto and yelled and heckled and laughed, and stopped at Fortescue's for peppermint icecream on the way home.


Snakes. I am rather seriously phobic about snakes. Of the involuntary shrieking and jumping away at harmless garter snakes variety. So why on earth I thought watching an X Files episode about snake handling was a good idea, I'll never know. Snakes! Religious authority figures sexually abusing minors! Moar snakes! 


I have knit two pairs of socks for myself since Christmas, and when I am more ambitious will put some pics up on Ravelry. But they are cute, and I am pleased. 


Sherlock. I've watched the first two episodes of Season Two, and am quite pleased, overall.SPOILERISH TALK )(Someday I will find words to describe my love for Jude Law's Watson. Today is not that day.)


Best blessings to you all. I have had a lovely day off, spent entirely in my pyjamas, which is an all to rare treat for me. Oh! And I have a new (old) turtle.


beachlass: red flipflops by water (Default)

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