Jan. 23rd, 2012

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I read two great stories this past week with characters who turned invisible. In both stories the invisibility was sometimes involuntary, instigating a fear of fading away to nothing, being lost, unseen, unlooked-for, forgotten.

I wonder how often we have those moments, of feeling like if we just faded away that no one would miss us? Of feeling our self, outside of role, be invisible. I remember how much it means to me when someone says "I haven't seen you/seen you posting recently, and I missed you and was wondering how you are."

Sometimes I long to be invisible. More and more I take the time to shop at a grocery store if I'm in the city, so I can buy my jar of puttanesca sauce and not be "the minister", stopped in the aisle and told of the latest concerns. It's a blessing of small town living, but a double edged one. Like how I should take my old laptop in for data recovery, but don't dare do it locally, because of the explicit fandom stuff saved on it.

Like in the stories, it doesn't take much to feel seen. The loneliness is assuaged as long as a few people can see and name, and remember and look for the us when we're fading. And that feeling of being seen and known has been a huge gift for me from you, my online community. And I'm so grateful for it.

The stories I read this week, hidden because I think the invisibility is a spoiler for the second story:

Hunted - http://archiveofourown.org/works/323064 - by taste_is_sweet - H50/SGA/Predator


In Plain Sight - http://hd-holidays.livejournal.com/205208.html - by oldenuf2nb - Harry Potter


beachlass: red flipflops by water (Default)

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