Jul. 28th, 2012

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  1. TDKR - I might try for a coherent post after I see it a second time. Meanwhile, I've rewatched Batman Begins. 
  2. Agatha Christie's Marple - this is the ITV series with Geraldine MacEwan and Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple. Terrific adaptations of the Marple books, with the occasional non-canonic plot twist. Oodles of guest stars (Benedict Cumberbatch! Rupert Graves! Joanna Lumley! Zoe Wanamaker!), some fantastic 50's lesbianism, and all the murder in period manor houses one could wish for. 
  3. Teen Wolf - God help me. So far, just the fic, and not the show. 
  4. Olympics - My parents bought our first colour television for the 1976 Montreal Games. I cancelled my satellite subscription a couple of years ago - watching a stop and go BBC livestream of the opening ceremonies yesterday, I missed satellite for the first time. Not enough to pay $80/month for it, though. And watching the opening with twitter peeps live was awesome fun. 
  5. Shoes  - What? Shoes are somewhere between and fandom and a fetish in my house. I bought a gorgeous pair of black patent leather pumps with a coral stiletto heel. Now I just need an occasion to wear them. Maybe a second showing of TDKR?


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