Sep. 8th, 2012

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  • September started with the death of a beloved congregation member. It's been a while since a death hit me this hard. I had to pull over the car after meeting with her family because I was crying so hard. But. We had a good funeral for her. And, as I heard so many times this week: She never had to move off the farm, become less independent, languish in a hospital bed. God's peace to you, W. You are missed.
  • When I started being active in LJ/DW/fandom - I used Medium Sized Boy as my youngest's moniker. It's been a while since that really described him well - but I haven't quite got a new one yet. He is now 6' tall, and started grade 9 this week. He really, really is a teenager now. And his sister is in New York, being fabulous on the runway at NYFW. My kids are growing up so much.
  • Saw The Bourne Legacy twice, and I've been rewatching  The Unusuals. Mmmm. Jeremy Renner. I just. Nngh. Plus, the year of Hobo!Hardy beard really preconditioned me to find beardy! wet! mostly naked! Renner extremely hot. The arctic survival episodes of Man vs Wild probably helped too. 
  • My sister and I have been working on my resume and cover letter for the last couple of days. There's a non-congregational church job I'm applying for - I'll keep you posted. 
  • I'm seriously unmotivated to tackle the house chores this afternoon. Maybe I should take myself to Lawless if I get (most of) them done?


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